Create Healthy Habits, Not Restrictions 

Yes! This is a quote I live by but has been put into writing and a cute little photo format. 

Living a healthy life is not about cutting out everything that you love, it’s about making certain lifelong adjustments that will be better for you. If you’re a soda lover and you’ve decided to pursue a healthy lifestyle, I’m not saying you can never have a soda again! I’m saying you can try to replace your drink of choice each meal with a water and reward yourself on the weekend with a soda. 

You see? You’ve now created a healthy habit without entirely restricting yourself from something you enjoy. Change your habits and see your progress grow, but don’t punish yourself along the way with restrictions. 




3 Comments Add yours

  1. This is very true 👍👍👍👍


  2. avofoodies says:

    Yes! This is so true! I’ve learned the hard way that while restrictions produce fast results, once you stop those restrictions, you regain the weight as quick! Habits are what keeps you healthy and happy for LIFE not just for one season. Thank you for the reminder!



  3. I love that quote. Very insightful.


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