Low-carb, healthy chocolate chip pancakes?! MUST TRY THESE!

Does anyone else ever feel a bit bloated after eating one too many pancakes at the breakfast buffet?


That’s because pancakes are generally extremely high in carbs which is what is stored in your body to provide future energy. But when you don’t expel this energy, the carbs sit inside of you and build on up- hence the feeling of bloating after pancakes.


(See, this guy gets it!) But NOT in these pancakes! These are LOW-CARB pancakes. All of the ingredients in this breakfast classic are tweaked to meet a healthier, better-for-your body recipe.

Screenshot (188).png

I am SO excited to try these tomorrow morning! Click the link below to see where I found this amazing recipe!

Healthy Fluffy Low Carb Chocolate Chip Pancakes


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  1. -A says:

    Trying these as an option for breakfast this morning with my boyfriends’ mother! Thank you!


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