The Netflix And NOT Chill Workout! 

To all of you lazy bums out there who are sometimes just too darn tired to get outside to run or hit the gym, I’ve found your greatest solution. Today the term, “Netflix and Chill” has been coined toward young adults who like to hang out and simply watch endless shows on Netflix. But I don’t buy it. We need the Netflix and NOT chill! So I’ve created a solution for all of you (and me) lazy people out there: The Netflix and NOT Chill Workout!

This was something I discovered all on my own (well, I thought I did, until I googled it and saw that a lot of other people are already doing this- whatever). If I wanted to stay inside and watch a few (12) episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on a Saturday afternoon because I NEEDED to know what was going to happen with Mer and McDreamy, that’s fine…

…as long as do some low intensity exercises while I binge watch. Here are some exercises to to whip you into shape while you finish an entire season of Vampire Diaries in one sitting. 


1. Leg Extensions: You can do them sitting on your couch or bed! Extend one leg in front of you and bring back toward chest. Do 20 per leg, alternating back and forth for the first five minutes. 

2. Leg Flutters: Sit tight! Keep one leg extended and slightly move it up and down vertically, keep those knees straight! Continue same length as #1. 

3. Floor Weights: Grab some weights that you’re comfortable with and lay on the ground. (With clear view of the TV) alternate reps with the weights however you feel fit! Repeat sets for ten minutes. 

4. Planks: Front and each side, 30 seconds each. Alternate for ten minutes. 

5. STRETCH: Stretching is incredibly important after working your muscles. Stretch however you see fit to your body. And hey, it’s pretty easy to watch your show still! 
You can be lazy and still see fitness results! What could be better? I’ll answer that- NOTHING! Follow my workout so you don’t end up like this guy!



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