Fat Burning Foods! How To Lose Fat WHILE Eating!

The following is a list of fat burning foods!

Now I’ve always heard good things about this list but this makes it super easy to pick out some simple ones that you probably have in your kitchen right now! These foods make it simple to add some fat burners into your diet in ways you’ve never even thought of! Here are some ways that I incorporate these foods into my everyday diet! 

1. Oatmeal: Heated up in a bowl for breakfast OR mixed together with ingredients such as honey and peanut butter to make protein balls! 

2. Almonds: In a yogurt parfait OR in a snack baggie for a quick pick me up! 

3. Olive oil: Drizzle it on your salad to replace that high-calorie dressing!

4. Eggs: Scrambled or fried on a whole wheat bun to make a breakfast sandwich OR chop up a hard boiled egg into your salad!

5. Grapefruit: Sliced into a yummy fruit salad!

6. Berries: With yogurt OR in a fruit smoothie!

7. Lean meats: Chopped up into a stir fry or a hearty salad!

8. Whole grains: Whole grain rice as a side with dinner OR an english muffin as a base for a breakfast sandwich!

9. Peanut butter: With a banana for a snack OR on whole grain pancakes!

10. Green veggies: Mixed into a stir fry OR with a light ranch dip for a snack!

Try incorporating some of these fat burners into your daily routine!




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