You Snooze You Lose (… A Fit Body!) 

Wake up sleepy head!

It’s Monday, and though it’s the hardest, it’s the BEST day of the week to get yourself off on the right foot! Instead of waiting to start next Monday, make today that Monday! 

You don’t think you can wake up twenty minutes earlier to exercise? YOU CAN. I know that feeling, that your body is so incredibly fatigued and so incomparably comfortable that you are physically incapable of getting up. That you NEED those extra twenty minutes of sleep- as if it’s going to change the night of sleep you’ve just had and make you more well rested than getting up when your alarm first buzzed?

Want to know what’s going to make you energetic for the whole day? EXERCISE.


You CAN wake up! Here’s something I’ve learned to do to get my lazy self out of bed. Put your phone walking distance away from your bed! When you do this, you force yourself to get up and walk through your room, physically engaging your body in the wake up process (vs. hitting snooze while you shove your face into your pillow). 

(I feel you man!) Try it out and see how much more energy you have throughout your day! 


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  1. Very true! Even though sometimes it can be hard, it helps so much to work out in the morning and help towards having a positive day!

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    1. Exactly!! It can be so tough but then you feel better throughout the entire day 🙂

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