Hiking – Realistic Accomplishment and Great Exercise

Hiking is a fun easy way to achieve something extraordinary and be adventurous while at the same time, getting great exercise! For those of you who feel like hiking sounds a bit too “mountain-man” for them, it’s merely just a word for climbing uphill for a while, occasionally stepping up some rocky terrain (the way I do it at least). And trust me, I’m no mountain man, hiker myself. 

My family traveled to Scottsdale, AZ this past spring (ps I did not know we would be going hiking, sense my limited selection of footwear). My mom, two sisters, and I decided to endure “A” mountain at Hayden Butte, as we heard it referred to. 

To some of you, this may look like nothing compared to some mountain ranges, and to many it looks like a once in a lifetime climb. I was somewhere in between. This didn’t look like a walk in the park for me but I love a good challenge, especially when I’m testing my endurance. 

From the starting point to the peak, it is a one mile climb, an uphill battle against its steepness and the hot Arizona weather. 

For me, the view from the top would be rewarding enough. 

At about the halfway point, actually, it was already worth it. 

For some people on this hike, it was journey a they didn’t even know they were able to accomplish- and they made it happen. 

And some people were just in it for the fun. 

To anyone who doesn’t think this is your type of exercise, you’re wrong! Hiking works your endurance, leg strength, and mental toughness- and you get you move at YOUR own pace! Despite my determination to get to the stop, we stopped along the way a time or two, trust me. 

I don’t know about you but I think that’s hitting the jackpot, plus, you can’t beat the view from the top. 

Grab a friend or two and find a hiking trail near you! It’s a great way to stay fit and go on the adventure of a lifetime with the people who care about. 

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