The most amazing pancakes I’ve ever eaten! 

These pancakes though! I was in Minneapolis this past weekend visiting my sister and, like just about every time I visit her, we decided to go out to breakfast! 

Maybe it’s because breakfast is our favorite meal of the day, maybe it’s because we’re too lazy to make our own pancakes… We’ll never know. 

Either way, we headed to a restaurant neither of us have been to- The Red Cow. Now don’t let the name throw you off, it’s more of a breakfast place as far as I’m concerned, but you can make your own decision on that.

But fair warning, this is what their breakfast could look like if you play your cards right…

I know. As soon as it sat down in front of me I could not have been happier with my order. I’ll break it down for you: blueberry, red velvet, and oatmeal/quinoa pancakes. 

Being a healthy eater, I went out on a limb and ordered the sweet cakes as well (this restaurant allows you to try a variety, which is genius). Despite trying all three of their famous flavors, the oatmeal and quinoa, whole grain cakes won my taste test! And for as amazing as they are, I tried finding the recipe online and no luck! 

Has anyone ever tried something similar? I definitely want to give a recipe a try! 


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  1. Dr beautyfix says:

    I love pancakes too!Looks super delicious and look like you had fun x

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    1. Yes I definitely did 🙂 It was a nice change for lace from my regular breakfast routine!


  2. those look amazing!!

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