How I got LONG, STRONG HAIR with just ONE simple step! 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve ALWAYS wanted long hair. As someone who loves to do hair, having long
flowing locks makes it so much easier to curl, style, and play with! In middle school and high school, I suffered from average-length hair syndrome. Despite my efforts to limit heat on my hair, eat healthy, and use expensive product in my hair, I still saw no signs of growing past the length in the photo below. 

I tried scalp masks, hot oil massages, and still, NOTHING. 

Now I have to mention, I am not a natural blonde. I go into the salon 3-4 times per year to get partial highlights (the healthiest and most limiting blonde one can have without being a natural). 

But there is ONE simple solution that I found to work like absolute magic. 


Biotin is an oral supplement with vitamins inside that help aid the growth of strong, healthy hair! Biotin helps strengthen keratin, which is what makes your hair grow! 

Now I’m no scientist, but I researched the benefits of taking Biotin a few times a day with meals and the results were overwhelming. 

I went from this:

To this:

After years of struggling to get my hair to grow, one little vitamin did the trick. I made sure to follow the instructions on the bottle as well as be patient within the first few weeks while the product kicked into my system, and boy did it ever! My hair started growing like a weed! 

Not to mention, Biotin is also helpful in making your nails strong, which I absolutely noticed in mine! Like I mentioned, I’m no scientist and I can’t break down each and every chemical that effected my body in each way but I can tell you as a consumer, that this product worked for me the way I wanted it to! 

From what I have taken away from my Biotin experience have been one that is entirely healthy for my body. It has made my hair and nails stronger and less brittle which is beneficial to my future health as I grow older. Over the past two years that I have taken Biotin, it has also been natural within my body as far as I am concerned and as my far as my research has taught me as well. 

If you’re sick of stubborn hair that won’t grow the way you want it to, try Biotin (this is in no way an advertisement for the product, merely a customer review)! 

Before and after!

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