Half Marathon – If I Did It, So Can You!

I’ve always loved running, but I always ran at my own pace and for my own fun. I never ran competitively nor did I ever dream of running a half marathon. But last year, I conquered that impossible goal of mine! My friend and I took it upon ourselves to train our bodies to endure a 13.1 mile run across beautiful La Crosse, Wisconsin. Being someone used to running maybe three miles at a time, this seemed near impossible, but I made it happen and so can you!

I followed a training schedule which alternated between long distance running and cross-training, ultimately leading me to the finish line (no pun intended). 

After just about two and a half long, hot hours, I finished the race with wobbly legs and a shirt wet with sweat- but I have never felt more accomplished in anything in my whole entire life (or more tired). 

If you are ever considering doing an organized run like this, I highly recommend it. Even if you do it just once, it is an experience of accomplishment that cannot be compared to anything else in your life. 

If you are interested in doing a run like this or need some encouragement, I’m your gal! Comment if you’ve ever done a run like this or are interested in getting started in the process! 

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  1. My best friend and I are in the same boat! We both run for exercise but I’ve never really pushed myself to the limits until now! Following a training schedule has been my savior 💪 She has already done one but this will be my first 🙂


    1. I hope it goes well for you!! It’s such a great experience and I really needed someone to push me to do it! Good luck 🙂


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