Restaurants: How To Eat Clean

Just because you like to eat clean doesn’t mean you can’t go out for a meal or two! Despite the American image of “going out to eat” looking like a juicy burger and a mountain of fries, it doesn’t mean that has to be the case. 

It also doesn’t mean you’re forced to order a “garden salad hold the dressing” every time either. 
There are ways you can maintain your diet while simultaneously enjoying a delicious cooked meal in a fun environment (and you don’t have to cook a thing!). 

For starters, many restaurants today have a Low Calorie section- or something of this nature. The restaurant is telling you point blank which options the clean eaters can focus on to watch their calories. 

With this said, it doesn’t mean you can’t opt for the steak or the pesto chicken pasta, but try to find balance within these higher calorie meals. If you are going to order the steak- which is high in cholesterol- order the side of mixed veggies instead of the French fries. 

And if you want to order the pesto chicken pasta- which is creamy and delicious but high in sugar- make sure you order a water instead of your regular soda so to not overwhelm your body. 

For those soda lovers out there, limit yourself to one glass of soda only while you’re out, then switch to water. It’s almost second nature to say yes to a refill on your soft drink, but think of it more as a bad habit. By limiting yourself to one glass, your soda fix is cured while not drinking it in excess. 
Like I mentioned previously, another simple change is ordering a healthy side! Trade in those French fries for sweet potato fries, or, even better, some vegetables. Any healthy substitution in your typical meal on your night out is a beneficial one. 

These are just simple examples of the types of switches you can make to make your dining experiences a healthy yet delicious one. Your allowed to have some flexibility in your healthy diet, just make sure it isn’t overwhelmed by your bad restaurant habits. 

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