My Favorite DeTox Tea!

Once upon a time, I thought tea tasted like grass. I’m serious! I did not enjoy the taste when I tried my first couple of cups, and now, I’m a tea enthusiast. 

Not only is tea uber good for your body because it’s packed with antioxidants but it has a taste that calms me and makes my entire body feel good! And then I discovered detox tea… It’s like regular tea but it has even MORE antioxidants that flush all of the bad toxins right out of your body! It also can adjust your eating habits and get rid of water weight, leaving you feeling amazing after just one cup (not to mention a lot less bloated!).

I’m here today to share with you my absolute favorite detox tea EVER! 

Yogi DeTox Tea!

It’s made with (now bare with me) burdock and dandelion… 

Weird… I know. The first time I tried it, it caught me off guard- I had never tasted anything like it. But the way my stomach settled and my belly lost its bloat afterward was like magic. 

I’ve tried other detox teas since I discovered the Yogi brand and it’s still my absolute favorite! If you feel uneasy inside or had a weekend of major pigging-out, this will be your new best friend. 

This post is not a paid advertisement in anyway, it’s merely a favorite of mine that I want to share with you all! Try it out and comment what you think! 

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  1. hailey says:

    I love this! I honestly love detox teas too. I have tried the yogi brand and really liked it!! If you are interested in checking out some others check out my blog!


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