How WATER can help you LOSE WEIGHT!

It’s no secret that water makes up majority of our great planet, and it’s no consolation when it comes to our bodies! Over half of our bodies are filled with this simple, liquid form of matter- and there’s a reason for this.

Water is needed to keep your cells alive and, thus, you alive. It also helps waste exit the body and gets your metabolism going! For those of you who are unfamiliar, your metabolism is the way our food is broken down and flushed through our bodies. 

Water is used to transport this broken down food, sending it where it belongs within the body. So if you don’t drink enough water, your food won’t be getting where it needs to go. 

Water has also been proven in recent years to speed up the rate of your metabolism, helping people burn more calories and lose weight over time. 

In short, you need to drink water to regulate digestion and can help kick start your weight loss goals! This is why you should ALWAYS drink a glass of water before you eat a meal. 

With this said, water can fill you up before you even dig into your main dish! By doing so, you are able to recognize how hungry (or not hungry) you truly are! This can help you determine how much of that meal your body really needs to be satisfied!

So by making this TINY change in your regular eating habits, you can stay hydrated, speed up your metabolism, and eventually lose weight over time! So but a cool new water bottle and keep it in your hands filled at all time. Whether it’s on your desk at work or in your backpack when you’re headed to class for the day, this lifestyle change will prove to have significant benefits to kick start your healthy lifestyle!

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