Post-Work Out Snacks That Are Packed With Protein!

The point of working out is to burn calories, right? Then what’s with the buzz about eating food right after you bust your butt to lose those calories?

To those of you who feel as though eating right after you exercise is counterproductive, don’t be fooled! Eating the right food after you’re done working out should be considered part of your workout plan, you’re replenishing the strain you just put on your body. 

So no, I’m not saying you should go get a quarter pounder and fries to reward yourself for burning all those calories- THAT would be counterproductive because you are putting in unhealthy fats and calories that add no value to your health. 

But eating foods packed with protein are extremely beneficial to your workout because they help your body in the process of building muscle. 

How does protein have this power you ask? Protein is a macronutrient (sounds fancy, huh?). This just means that protein is a nutrient in our bodies needed to provide energy throughout the day. We break these macronutrients down when we digest our food into little building blocks called amino acids and send them throughout our bodies. 

In doing so, our body is able to use the breakdown of protein, rather than muscle tissue, to produce energy- thus, allowing your muscles to grow!

So now that you understand the hype about protein, here are some great snack options that are high in protein for you to try after your next workout!

1. Apple with peanut butter

2. Eggs

3. Protein shake

4. Trail mix

5. Protein granola bar

6. Chocolate milk

7. Greek yogurt

8. Cottage cheese 

9. Cheese and crackers

10. Protein pancakes

These options are recommended not just because they are healthy and low in calories, but because they have the ability to aid your body in your fitness process. Challenge yourself to focus on protein snacks after working out for the next few weeks and see the results that come!

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